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General hair tips

Alles over wavy hair: de perfecte routine voor mooie golvende lokken

Everything about wavy hair: the perfect routine for beautiful wavy locks

What is wavy hair? According to The Andre Walker Hair Typing System - wavy hair classifies as hair type 2a, 2b or 2c. From a light stroke (2a) to a more wavy curl pattern (2C). The rating system wa...

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Verzorging geverfde krullen

Care for dyed curls

Dyeing your hair is of course not CG, but many cannot avoid it or do not want to avoid it. Below is a treatment so that you do not damage your hair and keep it as healthy as possible. After dyeing,...

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Woman with curly hair points to her nice curls

Tips to reduce frizz

Causes of fluff: Humidity When your hair is dry, the cuticle of your hair is rough and when the weather is humid, this is the perfect recipe for frizz. The outer layer of the hair absorbs moisture ...

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8 redenen om op een satijnen kussensloop te slapen

8 reasons to sleep on a satin pillowcase

For our curls, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a must... but it has more benefits! If you have short curly hair , you can go to sleep on a satin pillowcase without waking up with an exploded hea...

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For many, switching to the Curly Girl method means using CG friendly products for your curls. This makes a world of difference for most people. However, you can sometimes use certain technique...

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Manieren om producten te testen

Ways to test products

As most people know, if you follow or want to follow the CG method, you will/have to do a lot of testing. What works and what doesn't. What works well for a while and then no longer works? If your ...

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CG fouten die je liever niet wilt maken

CG mistakes you would rather not make

❌ Do not use a mask Use a mask and deep conditioner once a week, this gives extra moisture/nutrition to your curls   ❌ Comb your hair when it is dry This causes a lot of hair loss and makes i...

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Géén GEL cast?

No GEL cast?

A good gel cast is a desirable feature to protect curls from frizz and external factors such as humidity, wind, heat, etc. during drying. Cast doesn't determine how well a gel will last, so if you...

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Hydratatie of Moisture, wat is het verschil?

Hydration or Moisture, what's the difference?

It is often said that your curls need hydration and moisture, but do you ever wonder what the difference is? On this journey you will be exposed to a whole new vocabulary about hair! We hear diffe...

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