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Article: Moisture or Protein Overload?

Moisture of Proteïne overload?

Moisture or Protein Overload?

Too much Moisture (humidity) Moisture overload

  • Hair feels dry and frizzy
  • Hair is very elastic
  • Hair breaks, but only after you have stretched your hair
  • It feels soft and floppy, especially when wet
  • Hair does not retain its curls and style well

What to do?
Use products with protein until your hair is back in balance.

Your hair is in balance (Balanced)

  • You can straighten your hair and it will return to its original shape
  • Your curls and style will stay in place
  • Little to no brittle hair

What to do?
Continue combining products with/without protein and moisture. And continue to observe her.

Too much protein in your hair

  • You have dry/split ends
  • Feels like straw, is brittle and rough
  • You suffer more from tangles
  • Your hair curls less
  • Your hair may be limp and frizzy
What to do?
  • Avoid (temporarily) protein in your products
  • Add moisture to your products (water-based products) to restore elasticity to your hair.

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