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CG method

Help, where do I start?

On this page we explain in 2 steps where to start if you want to start with the CG Method.

Step 1: Final Wash

Do a final wash , with a sulfate shampoo, to wash the silicones and other bad build-up out of your hair. The shampoo should contain sulfates, but it should not contain silicone or mineral oil. Suitable cheap shampoos for a final wash (i.e. single use!) are:

  • Shampoo with sulphates (final wash)
  • Various (own brand) shampoos are suitable, check carefully whether they contain any bad ingredients, but DO contain sulphates.
    For example: Kruidvat own brand Daily Mild Shampoo or Jumbo Everyday shampoo
  • If you really don't have anything at home, you can consider using Dreft
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Step 2:

From now on you will only use CG-friendly products! If you don't do this, you will need a sulfate shampoo again to remove the silicone/build-up, which will damage and dry out your hair (Step 1 Final Wash). It is advisable, if you dye your hair or have it dyed, to then use the Final Wash again or wash your hair with a Clarifying Shampoo to remove all the bad ingredients from your hair.

In summary

Everyone has to discover for themselves what works and what doesn't for their own hair. One product works great for one person, but for another the result may be disappointing. We can only give you the basic knowledge about the CG method. Based on your hair characteristics , you have already read a number of tips in the files that you can apply in your hair routine, but you have to discover the rest yourself by simply testing different products, combinations and methods.

Just start with something, as long as it's CG-friendly products. Slowly buy other products, try other brands , to see which ones work best for you.

Important tip: Don't just take the advice you get from a store salesperson or hairdresser. The CG method is not very well known and usually products are recommended that they say are 'clean/natural/good' products, but they usually turn out to contain silicones, mineral oils or whatever.