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Bounce curl

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Bounce Curl

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Bounce Curl

Bounce Curl - Natural Curl Care with Love

Bounce Curl shares all her secrets for the ultimate care of natural curls. Our goal is simple but powerful: we want every individual to be able to embrace his or her natural curls with love. At we have consciously chosen a balanced range of Bounce Curl products, including various gels and conditioners.

The Story Behind Bounce Curl:Developing and formulating the innovative Bounce Curl products has been a years-long process. The founder of Bounce Curl has spent years looking for the right care products for her natural curls. When she couldn't find it, she decided to use her background in chemistry to create a new, innovative brand: Bounce Curl. What started as a personal quest quickly grew into a brand that became a household name within the world of the Curly Girl method.

CG Method Proof:At we take the integrity of the Curly Girl method seriously. That's why we specifically chose Bounce Curl products that are completely CG method-proof. This means they are free from harmful sulphates, silicones, parabens and other harmful chemicals. Our products are designed to embrace the natural beauty of curly hair without compromising on health.

A Complete Range:Bounce Curl's range has expanded over the years and now includes various conditioners, gels, leave-in conditioners, creams and shampoos. Our selection includes products specifically designed to meet the needs of curly hair.

At we are proud to partner with Bounce Curl and to offer high-quality, CG method-proof products to those who love their curls. We want your curls to shine and stay healthy, and with Bounce Curl you can achieve that. Embrace your curls with Bounce Curl!