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Curly Way

Extremely popular and first available at; My Curly Way. Our love for healthy natural curls has led us to Israel this time. The country where the hair products from the My Curly Way brand come from. The My Curly Way brand has been around for about 6 years now. During that period, the various products were further developed and tested within a community of 80,000 curlies. A great moment to bring this top brand to the Netherlands.

My Curly Way hair products, for and by real enthusiasts
For years, the hair straightener and owner Orian Paz formed an inseparable duo. Her natural curls were barely visible and her hair was severely damaged by daily styling. The My Curly Way brand was created from those years of annoyance. She started to look into different care methods and ingredients. And started sharing her adventure and knowledge with her community, which now numbers 80,000 curlies. Many different products and ingredients were tested within that community. Including specific products that are suitable for the Mediterranean climate in Israel. The result is a compact range of products with a proven effect and result. My Curly Way hair products are suitable for all curl types and all products are Curly Girl method proof. This means that all products are free of parabens, silicones, drying alcohol, sulphates and chemicals.