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CG Curls

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CG Curls

As a premium hair products brand of CG Curls, Amazing Curls offers the ultimate solution for curly hair. Developed by a curly-haired woman with years of experience in the CG method, Amazing Curls offers a moisture line that takes into account signals from the market and personal experiences with various brands and products.

The story behind Amazing Curls

The story behind Amazing Curls starts with the launch of a webshop in 2019 with only CG products to prevent bad purchases. After the success of the webshop, the idea came in 2020 to develop protein drops, under the name Curly Hair Protein, which would be the ultimate product for moisture products. The webshop was sold to focus entirely on a complete moisture line.

Product: CGcurls - 5 Products for Magical Curls

CGcurls offers a range of 5 highly concentrated hair care products specially designed for your magical curls. Our mission is to make your hair routine simple and effective again, without compromising on quality. Here's why CGcurls is the ultimate choice for curly hair:

1. Compact and clear:Our products are carefully formulated and packaged in a compact set, so you have a clear overview of what you need for your curl routine. No unnecessary products, just the essentials.

2. Highly concentrated:With our highly concentrated formulas, you only need a small amount of product to achieve fantastic results. This makes CGcurls not only economical to use, but also effective.

3. Exclusive Packaging:A premium hair brand requires exclusive packaging. We have put care and attention into designing our packaging so that you not only have great products, but also a visual experience.

4. Hygienic and Easy to Dosage:Our products are designed with your hygiene in mind. Thanks to the handy dosing packages you can easily dose the right amount of product, without waste.

5. Longer Shelf Life:Thanks to the handy airless bottle that CGcurls comes in, it lasts longer than traditional hair care products. This is because no air, water or pollution comes into contact with the product. In addition, no hassle with getting the last bit out - enjoy the benefits until the last drop.

Experience the magic of CGcurls and transform your curl routine today. Choose the simplicity of CGcurls and let your curls shine like never before.