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Scrunch It

Scrunch It's mission is self empowerment. We want all women to feel comfortable and love their bodies. Whatever shape, size or color you are, you are beautiful.

Scrunch IT started in July 2018. I, Devin Clifton, grew up thinking I had straight, frizzy, unruly hair. I struggled with my hair all my life. I was constantly straightening my hair, coloring it, bleaching it, combing it and pulling it back into a tight ponytail. One day I went to the hair salon for a color and the hairdresser happened to be a curly hair specialist. When I complained about my hair she said, "I hope you know you have curly hair." If you learn how to care for it, your hair will be beautiful. 'I admit, I didn't believe her. After 32 years of thinking my hair was a way, I couldn't believe it otherwise. The hairdresser then explained how to care for my hair. No combing, keeping it moisturized, no cotton towels, plopping, diffusing, all the basics. She styled my hair and I was thrilled with how curly it was and most importantly, no frizz! I went home and watched videos, joined social media groups (Curly Girl Support Group International is my favorite) and learned all about curly hair. However, when I 'popped' my hair, there was a lot of frustration every time because the shirt did not stay on my head! So I searched online for something specifically made to pop your curly hair. I looked and looked and looked. There was nothing like it. So I went to the fabric store and used my trusty sewing machine that was in the attic and made my very first Scrunch It. I used it with my next wash day and it was like the angels from heaven were looking down on me. I had mobility while I popped my hair! I could do anything! The name Scrunch It came to me and just kind of stuck. And that was the beginning of Scrunch it.