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Giovanni® - Natural Abundance Merged with Science
Since 1979, the Giovanni Rule of Balance has represented our commitment to making every product as pure as possible without sacrificing exceptional product performance. Giovanni is all about the harmonious fusion of natural abundance and scientific innovation.

Our mission:At Giovanni we strive to create products that not only deliver salon-quality results, but are also kind to your hair and skin. Our goal is to build a bridge between the rich, natural resources that the earth offers us and the advanced science that allows us to develop the best care products.

The Rule of Balance:The Giovanni Rule of Balance is the core of our brand. We believe that products should be both effective and pure. This means we select only the best and most natural ingredients to formulate our products, without compromising the performance our customers expect.

Care for Hair and Skin:At Giovanni we understand the importance of gentle and kind care. Our products are designed to not only deliver fantastic results, but also to respect your hair and skin. We believe that health and beauty can go hand in hand.

Innovation and Nature:Our approach combines nature's bounty with cutting-edge science. We strive to continuously innovate and harness the best natural ingredients to develop products that can enhance your beauty ritual.

At Giovanni, we believe that the Earth offers us rich resources to care for us, and we are committed to honoring those resources with high-quality, effective products. We want you to enjoy salon-worthy results without sacrificing the natural beauty of your hair and skin. Our Rule of Balance is our promise to you, and we've continued to keep that promise since 1979.

Giovanni Cosmetics hair products
Yes, we are fans of Giovanni Cosmetics hair products! And that is not for nothing. Because not only does Giovanni Cosmetics use only natural ingredients, all hair products are also CG method friendly, contain no chemicals and are suitable for every hair type.

In America, this brand has been the standard for high-quality and natural hair products for years. Giovanni's shampoo, conditioner and leave-in products in particular have completely turned the industry of professional hair care products upside down. Innovation and organic ingredients are the basis for this.

After we received many questions at about specific hair products from Giovanni, we decided to include this brand in our range. Because the demand was very diverse, we also decided to include a wide range. That is also the big advantage of Giovanni hair products: they offer a wide and extensive range. So you have a wide choice of shampoos,