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Hair Dance

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Hair Dance

Hair Dance is a real quality product from America and almost exclusively available in the Netherlands via We chose Hair Dance hair products because of the many positive stories. All Hair Dance products are CG method friendly. That means free from sulphates, parabens and other chemical ingredients.

Hair Dance (dry) shampoo
At Hair Dance they invest a lot of time and attention in developing products. That is why the range is not very extensive, but it does contain everything you need to care for your curls in a natural and healthy way. Hair Dance's dry shampoos are an example of a unique and well-developed product. The dry shampoo removes excess oil from your hair. This extends the time between washes and leaves your hair feeling silky soft. In addition, this product also provides a real volume boost! Hair Dance conditioners are available in the wonderful scents Lemongrass and Grapefruit. So not only a good treatment for your curls, but a sensation for your olfactory senses. All products are GC method friendly and vegan.