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Curly Secret

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Curly Secret Bye Bye Knots Conditioner 250 ml
Curly Secret Hello Fresh Hair Shampoo 236 ml
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volumzing foam
Curly Secret Volume Boost Hair Spray
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Sold outhydrating styling jelly nw
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deepclean ts
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Curly Secret Dubbelzijdige Krul handdoekCurly Secret Dubbelzijdige Krul handdoek

Curly Secret

Curly Secret: From one curly girl to another!
Curly Secret is a natural, curly hair care brand, founded from an underlying urge to reveal the secret to having perfect curls. The team of experts is here to share their experience and expertise from one curly girl to another with the mission to source the best ingredients and create excellent care products for curly hair.

If your hair is wavy, curly or wavy, you recognize the lifelong struggle to tame it. Curly hair seems to have a personality of its own. Women with curly hair often face the endless search for the right products, hours in front of the mirror, expensive treatments and even a lack of self-esteem, but we are here to put an end to that. Styling your indomitable hair always felt like a losing battle. Until now

The Curly Mission
Curly Secret's mission is to create products that not only make curly hair look good, but also make you feel good about it. We all know that beauty shines from within, so it is our brand's responsibility to only use high-quality ingredients that are proven to work. What sets Curly Secret apart from the rest is our team.

We are women with curly and wild hair who have tried almost everything, and we know what works and what doesn't. We know what it feels like to struggle with curly hair. And we know what it feels like to have all heads turning towards your beautiful hair.

The goal is simple;Make every day a great hair day! Always aware of innovations in cosmetic science and methods used in the industry, Curly Secret creates the finest hair care products that are quality controlled and tested by a panel group of customers before hitting the virtual shelves.

Curly Secret is here to help you embrace your natural beauty and let it shine. Let our products be the key to shiny hair, frizz-free curls, a healthy scalp and a perfect, long-lasting look that attracts attention.

Curly Secret and the Curly Girl Method
All Curly Secret hair products are 100% CG method friendly. This means: free of sulphates, silicones, parabens and the hair products do not contain chemicals or drying alcohol. Another fun fact about Curly Secret; They do not use animal testing when testing products. This means that Curly Secret is 100% vegan. At the complete range is tailored to the Curly Girl Method. All products in our webshop are CG method friendly. We also share all knowledge about and experiences with the Curly Girl Method through our blogs. And we offer extensive test information to determine your hair properties and you will find all the information you need to start with the CG method.

Do you have questions about Curly Secret products or the Curly Girl method? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.