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Information about ingredients

Grote Proteïnes & Kleine Proteïnes, voor wie geschikt?

Large Proteins & Small Proteins, for whom?

Hydrolyzed proteins have been used in hair products for decades. Even in small amounts (0.5% to 1%), hydrolyzed proteins can create a noticeable difference in hair care products. You can see how mu...

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Veel gebruikte ingrediënten in CG Producten

Commonly used ingredients in CG Products

Commonly used ingredients in products and what do they actually do to your hair? Coconut oil Is perfect for retaining moisture in your hair. Aloe Vera Juice/Gel Works as a natural conditioner...

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Goede Gel ingrediënten

Good Gel ingredients

In the search for a good gel, an ingredients list is your best friend! Water should be the first ingredient. Polymers in gels After water, the ingredient that actually makes a gel are the gel p...

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Analyseren van  ingrediënten

Analyzing ingredients

Analyze the ingredients with the The first step... know what ingredients are in the products you use. That's what is very useful for. This “app” breaks down all the ...

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