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Pump hair care

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Pump Haircare

The unique thing about Pump Haircare is the patented formula that is used in all hair products. Characteristic of this plant and botanically based formula is the use of high quality organic ingredients.

Without aggressive ingredients that are bad for hair and scalp. This means that Pump Haircare products are CG friendly.

The story behind Pump Haircare
The story behind this brand is similar to that of many other brands. Not being able to find the right product for your hair and developing and marketing products from there yourself. The story behind Pump Haircare is similar and starts with founder Natasha Jay at the age of 19. She works as a hairdresser in a hair salon and after months of research she is diagnosed with endometriosis. A symptom of this condition is hair loss. A disaster for a passionate hairdresser from Australia. Natasha Jay's hair had become much thinner and needed to be styled every day. which turned out to be very difficult with very thin hair. She tried countless hair products that made just as many wonderful promises: more hair growth, thicker hair and more volume. But no hair product could deliver on the promises. This frustration gave rise to the mission that still guides Pump Haircare today. Launching a brand with products that really work and keep all their promises. She spent evenings searching for the right products and ingredients. She then worked for a year with specialized chemists on the right formula. She then incorporated this formula into all products. This created a balanced range of hair products from Australia with a vegetable and botanical basis.

Hair products that really work
The next step was testing the products. Not that complicated for a hairdresser, she gave the product to all her customers. In the months that followed, she received confirmation that her formula worked. She saw a significant improvement in the hair quality of her customers. Both the hair and scalp were greatly improved. The feedback and results were amazing. From that moment on it was clear that Pump Haircare had the potential to become big.

Nowadays it hasPump Haircaremore than 37 unique products, each with its own patented formula. Each ingredient is carefully researched and only the best quality is chosen. Another important factor is environmental awareness. All packaging is made by Australia's first carbon neutral recycled plastics factory and the packaging products are biodegradable.

The range of Pump Haircare products has been carefully composed by CG Products and consists of various conditioners, gels and shampoos. Do you have questions about our products? Please feel free to contact us.