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Olivia Garden

Founded in 1967 by Jean & Micheline Rennette in Liège, Belgium, Olivia Garden has a rich history of dedication to hairdressing around the world. Our mission has always been clear: to provide high-quality, innovative, beautiful and advanced salon tools to the professionals who work passionately on the beauty of others every day.

Leadership and Innovation:Today, Olivia Garden is an established market leader with more than 55 patents to our name. Our innovative products are loved by hairdressers in more than 102 countries worldwide. We always strive to set the standard and exceed our customers' expectations.

The Shine of the Spotlight:Olivia Garden tools shine not only in salons, but also on the world stage. They are used backstage during New York Fashion Week, regularly appear in TV shows and star on film sets. Celebrity stylists worldwide rely on our products to bring their creative visions to life.

A Pictorial Timeline:We invite you to enjoy this pictorial timeline of Olivia Garden's most memorable events, products, awards and milestones. This is our way of sharing and celebrating our journey with the people who have supported and inspired us.

Olivia Garden remains committed to delivering quality and innovation to the hairdressing community. We look forward to the next chapters of our journey and the opportunity to create even more beauty, together with you.