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Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals, a brand created from a need to improve curly hair. The use of natural and organic ingredients is always a priority at Alikay Naturals. That is why all ingredients have been composed with care.

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As I am

Hair products from As i Am have been specially developed for naturally curly hair and contain the best organic ingredients that nature has to offer. All As i Am products are CG method friendly.

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Aunt Jackie's

Aunt Jackie's™ infuses each formula with natural oils, butters, moisturizers and conditioners from Mother Earth. These essential and carrier ingredient blends provide remarkable nourishment that keeps hair looking and feeling good.

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Do you strive for the perfect look for your hair, whether it is curly, wavy or straight? Meet your new best friend: Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel.

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Bouclème is a brand dedicated to the needs of curly hair. The company was born from the passion of Michele Scott-Lynch, a curly hair woman who strived to develop high-quality hair care products specifically designed for curls.

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Biosilk is a hair care brand from America with years of experience in developing powerful care products for different hair and curl types.

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Bounce Curl

At we are proud to partner with Bounce Curl and to offer high-quality, CG method-proof products to those who love their curls.

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Whether it is curly, wavy or straight hair. Cantu is there for you with a suitable product to embrace your natural hair and care for it optimally. All Cantu products in our range are CG method friendly.

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CG Curls

Als premium haarproducten merk van CG Curls, biedt Amazing Curls de ultieme oplossing voor krullend haar. Ontwikkeld door een krullenbol met jarenlange ervaring in de CG methode, biedt Amazing Curls een moisture lijn die rekening houdt met signalen uit de markt en eigen ervaringen met diverse merken

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CG Products

At you will find the most extensive and unique range of brands and products, all CG method proof!

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CHI hair products is a major brand from America that has long since earned its stripes in the world of curly girls. is one of the first to have the opportunity to sell CHI hair products.

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Cream of Nature

Creme of Nature, the name encompasses everything this hair care brand stands for. High-quality products for ultimate care of both your natural curls and your scalp.

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Curl Flo

Curl Flo hair products have been developed by real curl specialists. It is not without reason that Curl Flo's slogan is; embrace your curls. One of the ways to ensure that curlies embrace their curls again is by adding the nicest scents to the products.

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Curl Keeper

Characteristic of Curl Keeper care products is their powerful and concentrated effect. Suitable for every hair type. The range consists of various leave-in conditioners, gels, liquid stylers and handy sprays for detangling hair and activating your curls!

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Like many other brands, this brand was created from a lack of the right hair products. All Curls products are free of silicones, sulphates and parabens. And suitable for all ages.

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Curlsmith is distinguished by several striking features. First, the wonderful scents of their products are in the spotlight. Curlsmith also provides exceptional deep nourishment, both for the curls themselves and for the scalp. The result is satisfying and effective.

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Curly Ellie

Inspired by the natural world, Curly Ellie hair products combine fresh and pure ingredients without sulphates, synthetic fragrances or silicones to clean, condition, nourish and repair delicate, dry and damaged hair. Exactly what you need for radiant curls.

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Curly Secret

Curly Secret is here to help you embrace your natural beauty and let it shine. Let our products be the key to shiny hair, frizz-free curls, a healthy scalp and a perfect, long-lasting look that attracts attention.

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Looking for a brush that helps you create more curl definition and evenly curly hair? Then take a look at the Denman Brushes.

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It is clear that the people behind Ecoslay have a passion for hair care. They use that passion to market fair products with Ecoslay. Products that contain only organic ingredients that are really good for your skin.

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Flora & Curl

Flora & Curl believes that healthy hair starts with the use of natural products. These ingredients have a therapeutic effect on both the hair and the scalp. The products and ingredients have been extensively tested and the results are amazing.

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At Giovanni they understand the importance of gentle and kind care. The products are designed to not only deliver fantastic results, but also to respect your hair and skin. They believe that health and beauty can go hand in hand.

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Hair Dance

Hair Dance is a real quality product from America and almost exclusively available in the Netherlands via We chose Hair Dance hair products because of the many positive stories. All Hair Dance products are CG method friendly.

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Holy Curls

Holy Curls only uses high-quality natural ingredients. These ingredients have been extensively tested (not on animals) to arrive at the best and most powerful composition. So no 'nasty chemicals' but only the best that nature has to offer.

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The definition of Imbue is to inspire with a positive feeling. This is also reflected in Imbue's core values. Such as using 100% recycled packaging material, only using curly girl method proof ingredients and always vegan.

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Inahsi Naturals products specially created for your naturally curly hair, whether it is loose wavy curls or tightly coiled, color treated, straightened with heat, teased, progressed with protective styles, braids and/or weaves, or relaxed.

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Jessicurl stands for accepting yourself and the love for natural curls. Jessicurl would like to contribute to being proud of your curls with high-quality products.

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With over 25 years of experience and a complete research center, you can be sure that you are in the right place with KeraCare hair products. KeraCare offers you the best products for wavy and curly hair. Do not contain sulphates, parabens, mineral oils or other chemicals.

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Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly's unique formula nourishes and hydrates the hair with natural ingredients. All Kinky Curly hair products are CG method friendly and do not contain chemicals, parabens or synthetics.

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Lee Stafford

Besides the fact that Lee Stafford is known for the use of striking colors. Lee Stafford's products are also characterized by a powerful effect, the use of 100% curly girl proof ingredients and 100% vegan development.

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Developed and made for and by lovers of natural curls: Miribel Naturals. This brand and its high-quality hair products were created after research into which ingredients work best for the Cirly Girl method.

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Curly Way

My Curly Way hair products are suitable for all curl types and all products are Curly Girl method proof. This means that all products are free of parabens, silicones, drying alcohol, sulphates and chemicals.

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Nature's Little Secret

All Nature's Little Secret products are handmade with natural and organic ingredients for high-quality natural hair. Products are suitable for all hair textures, including children.

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Noughty products are infused with the power of natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. They strive for sustainability in every aspect of the business, from ingredient selection to packaging.

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Olaplex products; a patented system for repairing extremely damaged, dry and porous hair. It turns extremely damaged hair into soft and shiny curls.

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Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden, founded in 1967, is now an established brand with a rich history. They develop high-quality, innovative, beautiful and advanced salon tools such as hair brushes.

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Only Curls

All Only Curls styling products are packed with natural nourishing ingredients that penetrate and hydrate the hair, bringing curls back to life. All products have been tested on Lizzie Carter's curls (not on animals).

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Pretty Curly Girl

For Pretty Curly Girl, the most important thing is that the products have a high concentration of active ingredients, which makes your hair look shiny and not greasy. They work really well for the curls. Pretty Curly Girl Products has become the favorite brand of so many curlies worldwide.

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PuffCuff was born in a search for accessories for curly hair. The PuffCuffs have been on the market since 2014.

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Pump Haircare

The unique thing about Pump Haircare is the patented formula that is used in all hair products. Characteristic of this plant and botanically based formula is the use of high quality organic ingredients.

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Righteous Roots focuses on building for a working regimen for curly hair.

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Scrunch It

Scrunch it was founded to offer an alternative to a hydrophilic or tshirt while popping. And that is happiness! Scrunch it now has a diverse range of products especially for curly hair.

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Shea Moisture

The Shea Moisture brand is a true classic from our range. The hair products from make the best that hair care has to offer accessible to everyone. Shea Moisture hair products are free of sulfate, parabens & other chemicals. The complete range is CG Method

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Sumilayi's thought is; curly hair needs extra 'nourishing' love. Well, we curly's completely agree with that of course. All hair products such as shampoos and leave-in conditioners were created with this in mind.

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Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid is proof that when you combine ambition, love for curls and natural ingredients, you create a leading brand that is at the forefront of innovation and development. All Taliah Waajid hair products are CG method friendly and contain no chemicals.

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Tréluxe wants to guide you every step of your journey to healthy hair and provide you with products and knowledge that strengthen your curl confidence. Embracing your curls, feeling empowered and inspiring others to do the same is what Tréluxe is all about.

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Minimum effort, maximum results. Founder of Trepadora, Keisha Jo understands the busy lives of women all too well. A light blow or a big bunch of curls, both require that little bit of extra love and care. With Trepadora hair products you choose proven quality

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Tressa Watercolors

Watercolors intense shampoo marks a revolution in hair color care with its advanced technology, specially designed to provide hair with the most intense color deposit ever, all in the form of a shampoo!

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Umberto Giannini

Umberto Giannini's range is wide and includes care products for a complete CG proof routine. Such as the superfood shampoo, conditioner, scruncing jelly, a vegan co-wash and care products that focus on repairing a damaged and/dry scalp.

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Yari's range of hair products consists of various oils. Each oil has its own specific characteristics. Such as Yari's Pure Castor Oil. This oil contains, among other things, ricinoleic acid and omega fatty acids. These ingredients ensure a clean and healthy scalp.

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