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Holy Curls

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Holy Curls, Shampoo Sale price24,95
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Holy Curls, Conditioner Sale price24,95
Holy Curls, Cream Sale price24,95
Holy Curls, GelHoly Curls, Gel
Holy Curls, Gel Sale price21,95
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Holy Curls

The founding of Holy Curls is one like so many. After years of struggling to find the right 'CG proof' products that make curls shine again, we decided to do it ourselves. That is exactly the story of Holy Curl founder Badria. After years of being insecure about her curls, she has learned to accept them and turn them into something she is proud of. Now Holy Curls' mission is to bring exactly the same to all curlies. And Holy Curls does this by using only high-quality natural ingredients. These ingredients have been extensively tested (not on animals) to arrive at the best and most powerful composition. So no 'nasty chemicals' but only the best that nature has to offer.

Holy Curls Discovery Kit
The Holy Curls Discovery Kit is unique in the Holy Curls range. This is a pack of four 100ml versions of the cream, conditioner, gel and shampoo. Perfect to experience all the goodness of Holy Curls! The Holy Curls discovery kit is of course useful to try out the products in small bottles. But also very handy to take with you when traveling. Or to give as a gift to your favorite curly.