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Tressa Watercolors

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Tressa Watercolors

Watercolors intense shampoomarks a revolution in hair color care with its advanced technology, specially designed to provide hair with the most intense color deposit ever, all in the form of a shampoo!

Intense Colors and Care:Our secret formula uses complex direct-delivery dyes, supported by cationic conditioners. This results in stunningly intense colors and great conditioning properties. The hair is not only vibrantly colored, but also feels silky soft and healthy.

Optimal pH balance:watercolors intense shampoo has been carefully formulated to work within the pH range of 5.3-5.8. This ensures optimal color deposit and care, making your hair look and feel its best.

The Solution for Fading and Maintenance:Finally, customers can enjoy vibrant colors without the constant worries of fading and maintenance. watercolors intense shampoo addresses the two most common complaints: color fading and the need for frequent color corrections.

Simple and Versatile:This shampoo is designed for simplicity and versatility. Customers can change color as often as they want without causing damage to their hair. Color deposition can be easily controlled by adjusting the number of applications and exposure time.

Lastingly Vibrant Colors:To prevent color fading, we recommend using Watercolors intense shampoo weekly. This allows you to maintain your vibrant hair color as if you just came from the salon.

With watercolors intense shampoo we take the art of hair color to a new level, where intense colors and care for your hair go hand in hand. It's time to say goodbye to fade and hello to vibrant, long-lasting color that can be effortlessly controlled.