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Who is CG Products?

The CG products are sold by Consumedix BV. Consumedix BV is a dedicated company focused on providing high-quality health and care products to consumers who value quality, innovation and sustainability. Our mission is to provide people with products that are not only effective, but also meet their desire for responsibility, self-care and protection.

Consumedix BV proudly took over the webshop for CG products from Jacquelina Bleker in 2021. Jacquelina has worked hard in recent years to create a CG (Curly Girl Method) webshop that not only offers high-quality products, but also provides extensive information about the CG method. Her knowledge and experience remain a valuable part of our webshop.

Our Mission: At CG products we strive to offer a complete range for people with curls. We want to be not just a store, but also a source of valuable information for users of our products. Our goal is to be customer-friendly, provide clear explanations about the CG method, be service-oriented, maintain short lines of communication and offer a range of unique brands and product variations. In short, CG products wants to be the destination for everything you need for your curls.

Our values

  • Customer friendliness: We are always ready to help and advise, with a smile.
  • Clear Explanation: We want our customers to understand and be able to apply the CG method, which is why we offer clear explanations and guidance.
  • Service-oriented: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to give you the best possible shopping experience.
  • Short Communication Lines: We listen to our customers and respond quickly to questions and feedback.
  • Unique Brands: We pride ourselves on our selection of brands selected with the needs of curly hair in mind.
  • Variety in Products: We understand that curly hair is diverse, which is why we offer a wide range of products to meet different needs.

At CG products we believe in the beauty of curly hair and want to contribute to the self-confidence of people with curls by offering them high-quality products and expert guidance. Welcome to our webshop, where you can find (almost) everything for your curls.