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Alikay Naturals

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Sold outhoney and sage
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Sold outcowash 8oz
Sold outlemongrass styling gel
Sold outHoney_Sage_Deep_Conditioner_2oz
Sold outWake_Me_Up_Curl_Refresher_2oz
Sold outwakemeup 8oz
Sold outDulce_Hydrating_Curl_Lotion_2o
Sold outcar coconut shampoo 8oz
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Sold outcar coconut conditioner 8oz
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coconut conditioner 2oz
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shea travel
coconut shampoo 2oz
glazed argan oil
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lemongrass mousse
creme burlee 8oz
shea yoghurt 80z
Sold outKnots_Be_Gone_Hair_Detangler_2oz
Sold outKnots-Be-Gone-Hair-Detangler-8oz
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Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals is one of the fastest growing and most influential beauty brands where the use of quality ingredients is paramount. A brand created from a need to improve curly hair.

The use of natural and organic ingredients is always a priority at Alikay Naturals. That is why all ingredients have been composed with care. The result: hair products with healing properties that really work.

Alikay Naturals products do not contain petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicones. Alikay Naturals products consist of healing properties of natural and organic ingredients to nourish and replenish moisture from within.

Choose your favorite hair products from Alikay Naturals

Beauty and hair products that arise from the need to improve are a guarantee of success. This is also the story behind Alikay Naturals. This brand was created in the kitchen of founder Rochelle Alikay. There she made the unique recipe that met her needs. Here the foundation was laid for an influential beauty brand. A brand that has grown strongly worldwide but makes no concessions to its vision: inspiring every day to embrace natural beauty. In addition to paying attention to the best products, Alikay Naturals is a socially conscious brand. They pay a lot of attention to natural ingredients, healthy working conditions and support projects with a social impact. The range of Alikay Naturals products has been carefully composed by CG Products and consists of various conditioners, gels and curl creams. Do you have questions about our products? Please feel free to contact us.