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Olaplex products; a patented system for repairing extremely damaged, dry and porous hair. It turns extremely damaged hair into soft and shiny curls.

A three-step system with a patented ingredient that repairs broken bonds at the molecular level. That sounds complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is actually a very simple care routine to repair damaged hair. The recovery is achieved by a patented ingredient from Olaplex. This formula in Olaplex products is so effective that it can repair even the most damaged hair.

Olaplex Number 3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex's worldwide bestseller is available at Olaplex number 3 Hair perfector. The range of Olaplex products consists of a number of highly effective care products, all with a numerical characteristic. Number 3 has long been Olaplex's most praised and best-selling product.