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Article: Curls from the scalp

Krullen vanaf de hoofdhuid

Curls from the scalp

Hair types 3a and lower begin to curl several inches below the roots. Even if these tips don't curl your roots, that's okay! Because it is very natural for 3a and lower to have straight roots. And that's natural behavior, so embrace it :). Most of these techniques work against gravity, preventing the hair from being pulled straight down.

Create layers in your hair - Layering takes the weight off your hair and makes it bounce. This is more of a visual solution because the underlayers that are long only start to curl halfway through. They're just hidden by the top layers!

Rinse upside down - Rinse out your conditioner while holding your head down. This helps because the water doesn't push the hair against the scalp, causing it to stick to the scalp.

Upside Down Styling and Squish to Condish - Similar to the step above, squish to condish and style upside down as well.

Plop - Plopping works on some hair types (especially long hair) to prevent hair from sticking to the scalp as it dries

Clipping - This technique lifts small sections of hair near the scalp so that they do not stick to the scalp. Add the clips after applying all products and before air drying or diffusing.

Diffuse - Diffuse upside down, adds volume to the scalp.

Don't divorce Never divorce. Let your hair dry the way you want. Then throughout the day, toss your hair left and right to avoid flat hair at the roots.

Frizz - Once hair is completely dry, use fingertips to massage your scalp. This will create the desired fluff or volume.

Do not use products such as leave-ins and creams on the scalp - Lightweight gels can be applied. The general rule is that the more products you use, the heavier your curls will become, but you will get less frizz. You have to find a balance.

Try some protein - Soft curls don't have the body or strength to curl and fall flat. A protein treatment can help or use some products that contain protein or even more conveniently add protein drops to your products.

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