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Article: Toner shampoo or Hair Make-up?

Toner shampoo of Hair Make-up?

Toner shampoo or Hair Make-up?

Coloring your curls in a CG friendly way, how beautiful is that?

In our shop you will find 2 types of products to (temporarily) give your curls a different color without damaging your hair.
What are the differences and what can you use them for? We have listed it for you.
Hair Makeup:
  • Apply to wet or dry hair
  • Wash it out after 1 wash
  • You can experiment with various colors
  • You can mix the colors
  • Can fail if too much product is used
  • Color intensity depends on your hair color and amount of product
  • Ideal for a night out
Tressa Watercolors Intense Shampoo
  • Apply this shampoo to wet or dry hair and rinse after application
  • Color fades/disappears with every wash
  • Don't let up
  • Color intensity depends on your hair porosity and hair color
  • You determine the color intensity by letting it soak in for a maximum of 3 minutes. Repeat if you want the color more intense
  • Ideal if you want to make yellow/orange tones disappear from blond or gray hair (use the Silver or Steel for this)
  • Refreshes and maintains your hair color
  • Use it as an intense toner to change hair color
If you don't trust yourself with this, visit a hairdresser who provides your curls with a beautiful color, or a curl hairdresser in your area. You can find them here .

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