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This shop is for you Curly Girl & Boy

We are there for starters, beginners and advanced users of the CG Method.

With us you will find all information about the CG method , how you determine your hair properties , how best to follow the method, tips and useful information can be found under blog , and we have made a product proposal for you if you need a handle. to purchase the right products.

All products are divided into protein and protein free. With the filters you can indicate whether your selected products do not contain Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera or Perfume. The use and ingredients are stated for all products. In short, a complete shop where you can get all the information and where you can order fun and unique brands for the Netherlands.


Info over de verschillende oliën

Information about the different oils

Moisturizing oils: These oils can easily penetrate 'into' your hair and nourish the hair. Coconut oil (not suitable if you are protein sensitive ) Sunflower oil Palm kernel oil Babas...

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De beste shampoos voor je krullen

The best shampoos for your curls

Did you know that you can make all styling products work perfectly with a simple cleaning routine? Clean hair is where it all starts, and a solid cleansing routine is key for everyone, novice or a...

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Denman Brush Tips

Denman brush tips

Which Denman brush should you have? Having trouble choosing which Denman Brush is suitable for your curls? Here is an overview of the three different types of brushes that we sell. Denman D3 ...

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