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Article: Discover the 4 most important factors for the success of Curly Secret

Ontdek de 4 belangrijkste factoren voor het succes van Curly Secret

Discover the 4 most important factors for the success of Curly Secret

In this blog you can read more about Curly Secret's success formula. Curly Secret is a well-known brand in hair products from the Netherlands. The brand's mission is to create products that not only make curly hair look good, but also make curly hair feel good. Curly Secret takes the responsibility to only use high quality ingredients that are proven to work.

It is good to know that the brand is CG proof, vegan and not tested on animals:

  • 100% CG proof: free of sulphates, silicones, parabens and no chemicals or drying alcohols
  • 100% vegan: no animal ingredients
  • 100% not tested on animals: no animal testing is done when testing products

What is striking is that Curly Secret has a wide range of products:

  • Products from cleaning (shampoo) to finishing touch (oil)
  • The range also includes perfume-free products for sensitive scalps
  • In addition to the bottles, there are also shampoo bars and conditioner bars, where the brand is committed to the environment as the bars are sustainable
  • The products are suitable for every hair type, even for straight hair!
  • In addition to the normal size of the bottles, the brand offers products in travel size and family pack size
  • The brand occasionally introduces new products
  • What is very important is that the brand innovates its products.
  • Do you suffer from damaged and dry hair? The products that the brand offers are nourishing and help your damaged/dry hair feel hydrated and soft again.
  • Do you have thin hair, saggy curls? Curly Secret offers products that stimulate volume and hold!

Curly Secret is the brand for curly hair, regardless of your hair properties! The success of Curly Secret lies in the following 4 factors:

  1. They fulfill their mission by using high quality ingredients and innovation in their products
  2. All products are CG friendly, vegan and not tested on animals
  3. A wide range of products for all curly heads
  4. Curly Secret offers the solution for curly heads who experience various problems with their curls

Naturally, at we have the full range of Curly Secret. Click here for the range

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