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Article: Recognize light & heavy products

Herkennen lichte & zware producten

Recognize light & heavy products

Here are some tips to estimate whether the product is light, medium or heavy, this only concerns the styling products.

First look at the bottle/jar to see if there is anything in the description or whether it is already indicated in the product name, for example Lightweight detangler... and in the description: this light....

If nothing is mentioned on the bottle/jar, there is a trick you can use to find out...

Shake the product well, if you hear a lot of noise and it moves back and forth easily in the bottle/jar, then you can consider this product as light.

If you hear and feel some movement, but it is not very easy, you can consider this product as medium.

If very little or nothing happens when shaking, it is a heavy product.

Please note: the description on the product always precedes shaking. A good example is the Untie the Knot Leave-in from Treluxe, if you shake it nothing happens... but the description on the bottle clearly states light weight.

You can also check the ingredients, if the first 5 ingredients contain butters and also a heavy oil such as Black Castor or Avocado oil further down in the ingredients, you can assume that this product will also be quite heavy.

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