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Which CG product do I need?

It is useful for every Curly to discover which products work well for your hair. To start with this, it is useful to first determine your hair properties. We have created a beautiful page for this that will help you!

If you already know how porous and thick your hair is, the categories below can help you buy the right products.

Low porosity hair

With low porosity, the hair cuticles are almost closed. This usually occurs in hair that has never or little contact with chemicals and extreme heat.

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Medium porous hair

The golden mean. If you have medium porosity hair, you are somewhere between high and low. The hair is often healthy and does not need much care.

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High porosity hair

In hair with high porosity, the cuticles (outer layer of your hair) are wide open and have holes in them. Your hair needs a lot of attention.

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