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Article: The best shampoos for your curls

De beste shampoos voor je krullen

The best shampoos for your curls

Did you know that you can make all styling products work perfectly with a simple cleaning routine?

Clean hair is where it all starts, and a solid cleansing routine is key for everyone, novice or advanced CG artist.

Why stylers sometimes no longer work for your hair.

There are certain wash days when the same stylers don't seem to work for you. I mean, you had super wash days with the same combination, but not this time and you're wondering why? Many factors such as the weather, your water intake, diet, sleep, affect your hair. However, if you follow a healthy lifestyle, your stylers probably won't work because of the build-up. Styling products work best on hair without build-up. Good news is that you can completely control this. All you need to do to fix this is purify your hair to improve its definition.

The biggest cleaning mistake you don't want to make.

Clarifying is a level higher than a normal CG shampoo. It strips your hair of everything, giving you a clean slate to start again. There are many ways to purify your hair, but the biggest mistake most beginners make is not purifying it enough . Some may go days and weeks only co-washing, or only working with a CG shampoo - that's ok. But if you're wondering why your stylers aren't working like they used to, you know it's time to deep clean your hair by stripping it of everything.

Why washing your hair with Clarifying shampoo is really good for you.

Build-up isn't just caused by hair products. Did you know that sweat also builds up? Sweat, natural oils, external oils, pollution, exposure to external environment also cause build-up... Everything eventually causes build-up. There is no fixed rule as to how often and when you should wash your curls with a Clarifying Shampoo. I do it once a month and really notice a difference. My curls are more defined. It really helps, but because we are all different, you have to see what works for you.

You obviously don't have to follow this advice, but give it a try, you might also notice the difference I experience myself. You will find all Clarifying shampoos here .

One more tip: If you use the Clarifying shampoo (it makes your hair quite stiff), use a mask (deep-co) afterwards. And then follow your styling routine.

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