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Article: Care for dyed curls

Verzorging geverfde krullen

Care for dyed curls

Dyeing your hair is of course not CG, but many cannot avoid it or do not want to avoid it. Below is a treatment so that you do not damage your hair and keep it as healthy as possible.

After dyeing, if you do it yourself or at the hairdresser, start again with the Sulfate shampoo (final wash or Clarifying Shampoo to remove all chemicals and silicones. Do this after approximately 3 days after dyeing otherwise it can affect the color Then use a mask.

You can then treat your hair with Olaplex No.3, possibly in combination with Olaplex No. 0, or Curlsmith Bond Curl RehabSalve . These repair and restore the hair, making it stronger and healthier than it was. And the color lasts longer.

After using Olaplex or Curlsmith you can use a mask or a good shampoo & conditioner.

Use Olaplex or Curlsmith as needed. You can stick to this one time, but you can also do it weekly, biweekly or monthly.

If you have bleached hair or highlights and there is a yellow glow on your curls, take a look at our Silver Care products.

Naturally, we advise you to dye your hair at a hairdresser or a curly hairdresser. You can find curl hairdressers here.

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