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Article: 8 reasons to sleep on a satin pillowcase

8 redenen om op een satijnen kussensloop te slapen

8 reasons to sleep on a satin pillowcase

For our curls, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a must... but it has more benefits!

  1. If you have short curly hair , you can go to sleep on a satin pillowcase without waking up with an exploded head of hair. It prevents frizz and tangles.
  2. If you have long curly hair , you can also sleep wonderfully on this pillowcase. It is advisable to put your hair in a pineapple. This also prevents frizz and tangles.
  3. The moisture in your hair and skin is retained better.
  4. Anti-aging , fewer wrinkles, no more sleep folds and radiant skin due to the polishing effect of satin.
  5. Satin fights acne and impurities , satin regulates sebum production and gives a calm skin due to the sliding effect of the smooth tissue.
  6. Satin does not absorb dust mites and pollen. Do you suffer from a stuffy nose in the morning? Not anymore if you sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases absorb dust particles very easily.
  7. It also seems to have a cooling effect, but I have a different experience with that. If it is not warm, it is fine, but if you have warm nights in the summer, the satin pillowcase (made from 100% polyester satin) can feel a bit clammy. But hey, anything to avoid getting out of bed with a bunch of fluff.

The advantages of a satin pillowcase compared to a silk pillowcase are that satin lasts much longer and is animal-friendly.

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