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    Who is CG Products

    The CG range is sold by Consumedix B.V. 

    Consumedix supplies health and care products for consumers who value quality, innovation and sustainability in addition to proper functioning. For people who take responsibility and who want to treat themselves in case of minor ailments, take good care of themselves or protect themselves with top products. 
    As an addition to our brand range, we took over the CG products webshop from Jacquelina Bleeker in 2021. In recent years she has managed to realize a CG (Curly Girl Method) webshop with extensive information about the CG method and an extensive range of quality products. Jacquelina will continue to be involved in the webshop with all her knowledge and experience of CG products. 
    Our aim is to offer a total range for people with curls, a source of information for the users of our products and service. In short, for the CG method you have to go to CG products. What does CG want to be? customer friendly clear explanation about the CG method service oriented short communication lines unique brands variation in products 

    In short: A complete webshop where you can find (almost) everything for your curls.