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PuffCuff Original black

€ 21,80

PuffCuff Original black

€ 21,80

NO HEADACHE. NO HAIR DAMAGE. Yes that's right. This is not your mother's banana clip! PuffCuff Original is the only clip for thick, curly hair. It is made especially for you! It is made to hold your hair securely in place without unnecessary pulling or pulling like with elastic bands. This unisex hair clip causes no hair breakage or damage and it works for all types and thicknesses of hair.

The measurements are from the left outer edge to the right outer edge when the hair clip is closed.

Height: 12.7 cm

Width: 12.3 cm

Depth: 1.9 cm

** Characters may be present on the surface of the PuffCuff. These signs are NOT scratches or indicate that the product has been used. The markings are called "streamline" (ripples where the plastic overlaps) this is sometimes done with ABS plastic. These ripples occur when the plastic does not flow into the injection molding machine at a constant rate, or it can happen at the end of the flow. This in no way affects the integrity of the PuffCuff. Thin black wires may also appear in your packaged PuffCuff. Don't be frightened, THESE ARE NOT HAIRS! These plastic strings / wires are the result of when the PuffCuff comes out of the hot mold.

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