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Before you start with the CG method: don't forget to do the one-off final wash, see step 1

STEP 1: Do a final wash, with a sulfate shampoo, to wash the silicone and other bad buildup from your hair. The shampoo must contain sulphates, but it must not contain silicone or mineral oil. Suitable cheap shampoos for a final wash (so single use!) Are:

· Europrofit shampoo  (shop here)

· Andrelon Natural Pure shampoo

· Various (private brand) shampoos are suitable, check carefully whether there are no bad ingredients in them, but DO NOT contain sulphates

STEP 2: From now on you only use CG-friendly products!
If you don't do that, you'll need another sulfate shampoo to remove the silicone / buildup, which will damage and dry your hair (Step 4 Final Wash).

It is advisable, if you dye your hair or have it dyed, then do the Final Wash again to remove all the wrong ingredients from your hair.

See washing schedule on the right.


Everyone has to discover for his / her own hair what works and what doesn't. One product works super for one, but the result may be disappointing for another. We can only give you the basic knowledge about the CG method. Based on your hair characteristics, you have already been able to read a number of tips in the files that you can apply in your hair routine, but you will have to discover the rest by simply testing different products, combinations and methods. Just start with something, as long as they are CG-friendly products. Buy other products slowly to see which ones work best for you.

IMPORTANT TIP: Do not just take the advice you get from a retailer or hairdresser. The CG method is not very well known and usually products are advised that they say they are "clean / natural / good", but usually it appears to contain silicones, mineral oils or whatever.