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Are you a starter?

Then first determine your hair properties, you can read everything here

You can then make the product proposal, here you select what applies to you, and then there is a proposal for products that are suitable and match your hair characteristics. Under the result is an explanation.

TIP: at filters you can click on the different products that you want to see separately, such as mask etc.

Have you been working on the CG Method for a while?

Then you probably know what you are looking for .. In the shop menu you can choose protein or protein free products per product type. You can always make the product proposal as you probably know what your hair properties are.

Do you already know which ingredients do not work well for your hair? Then select at filters that you want to see products without eg Glycerine OR Aloe Vera OR Coconut Oil OR Perfume.

NOTE: Select 1 filter at a time, otherwise products will appear that contain aloe vera but no glycerine, if you have checked both.