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As most people know, if you follow the CG method or want to follow it, you will have to test a lot.

What works and what doesn't. What works well for a while and no longer later? If your hair characteristics change, it is possible that products that you were very happy at first might not work later.

Test your hair properties regularly so that you can adjust the products if necessary.

Starters usually do not know where to start. Below is an overview of how you can test the various products and the different ways of styling your curls.


You prefer to use the mask once a week, or if you only wash your hair once a week, then use the wash.

You can use a mask in various ways:

* only the mask in your wet hair, comb, work and rinse

* you can use a cg shampoo or clarifying shampoo in advance to properly clean your scalp; shampoo, mask, comb through, let work, rinse

* you can also use the mask with a heat cap (especially suitable if you have low porosity hair). Apply mask, heat cap for max. 30 minutes on your head, then comb through your curls so that all tangles are removed, rinse


You use a co-wash in between the mask treatments.

* a co-wash cleans better than a normal conditioner, you don't have to use a shampoo for the co-wash

* you can test with a co-wash one time, only a conditioner the next. See what the effect is.

* co-wash in wet hair, comb through hair, allow it to act as needed, rinse.

Shampoo and conditioner

You may not be happy with a co-wash, use a shampoo and conditioner if you do not have to treat your hair with a mask.

* massage your scalp shampoo, rinse and repeat if necessary.

* follow with a conditioner, apply it a few centimeters from your scalp, comb through your hair, let it work and rinse

* if you use a clarifying shampoo, follow with a mask instead of a conditioner.


Test yourself if your curls are happy with leave-in. Wavy curls in particular can have a hard time with a leave in.

* apply leave-in after you have washed your hair, after a mask, co-wash, or conditioner

* preferably in soaked hair

* you can also test to apply the leave-in to hairs that you have first slightly removed from the water by carefully kneading the water from your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber towel

* do you want to test? then you can for example treat the left half of your hair with the leave-in and the other half without. See and experience the difference, if there is a difference of course :)

* leave-in can also be used the day after washing, this can be done in 2 ways:

* put a drop-in drop-in in your spray bottle, plant sprayer, with water. Shake well before use and refresh your curls with this mix of water and leave-in.

* or make your hair wet / damp, and squeeze a little leave-in into your curls. Continue with styling products if necessary.

* if you have fine hair, then a leave-in can be weighed down and your curls can sag. Test once without leave-in after washing.

Styling products such as hair cream, gel, mousse

Below are various ways to test what works best for you.

* apply hair cream on wet hair for the gel, the gel then provides more cast

* apply hair cream to wet hair after the gel, the cream then ensures softer curls

* only apply a hair cream in wet or damp hair

* use your hair cream on the day after washing, refresh your hair with water or water / leave-in and follow with the curl cream

* some curl creams are also suitable for use on dry hair (possibly mixed with some water)

* apply gel to soaked hair, after the leave-in, good shaking (squeeze the gel into your hair), squeeze out excess product and water with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Allow to air dry or diffuse

* apply gel to damp hair, then after washing, first squeeze out the excess water with a t-shirt or microfiber towel and then apply the gel. Allow to air dry or diffuse.

* apply gel and then pop your hair (wrap your hair in a microfiber towel or t-shirt and then let it dry for a while, test how long this will do, depending on your hair characteristics)

* apply gel after popping, then your hair is a little drier, then apply the gel. Air dry or diffuse.

* apply gel several times, in wet hair after washing, squeeze out excess water, diffuse to about 80% dry, apply gel again, diffuse it dry.

* some gel's are also great on dry hair

* the day after washing, apply gel after you have moistened your hair. Test how much your hair needs !! Diffuse or air dry.

TIP: Do you want to test with protein and protein free gel / mousse / curl cream / leave-in? Then treat one half of your hair WITH and the other WITHOUT protein products. Then you can immediately see the difference .... if you already see different ..

No difference? Absolutely fat fine, ideal I would say!

Difference? Then you also know where you stand.

Testing products

You can also test products with us, we have from a lot of brands travel sizes.


Don't give up too quickly. experiment and vary, do not expect after 1 time miracles, although they do exist!

One product can work great for you in the summer, but not in the winter, you usually need more moisture in your curls.

Yes it is just higher math but you still want to be proud of your curls and it is very motivating to see in the process that your curls come back, look better, shine, that your fluff is reduced, and your beautiful defined curls. We all do it for that, right?