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Curl and frizz is a frequently heard problem, but what can frizz cause and what can you do about it?
Causes frizz:

When your hair is dry, the epidermis of your hair is rough and when the weather is damp, this is the perfect recipe for lint. The outer layer of the hair absorbs moisture from the air, causing it to swell and fluff.

The solution? Moisture is the only way, according to Jason Collier, that you can control fluffy locks and that starts in the shower. According to him, coconut oil is the best way to provide your hair with a nice dose of hydration. You can buy coconut oil in the supermarket for a few euros, apply 2 scoops of coconut oil to towel-dried hair, leave for a few minutes and then rinse. Of course you can also use products that contain coconut oil.

Wash your hair in super hot water
This can rid the hair of the natural oils that keep it hydrated and smooth. So if you are sensitive to fluff, you better try to reduce the heat.

Lack of good hydration
If your hair has a tendency to frizz, make sure you use moisturizing conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

Hair chemicals
Hair dye, color, bleach will disrupt the epidermis of the hair and ensure that it dries out, becomes rough and fluffy.

Sleep on rough pillowcases
If possible, sleep on silk or satin sheets and pillows to prevent the hair from getting rough.

Sticking your fingers too much into your hair
A common cause of frizz is when you constantly pull or pluck your hair.

Your protein - moisture balance is not good

How can you reduce the frizz even more?
If you notice that you get frizz in high humidity, this is probably because your hair has dried out. The lack of moisture in the hair means that it absorbs any moisture in the air, causing it to frizz. You have to re-hydrate the hair, so make sure you use a leave-in conditioner every day.

You can pre-treat your hair with an oil before you wash it. Oil gives extra moisture and ensures that your hair cuticles close.

Wash your hair less often
Too often to wash the hair of those oils, making it drier and frizz causes.

Deep conditioner, mask, once a week
A deep conditioner closes the hair scales and prevents moisture from the air in the hair. More moisture in the product = less frizz.

Apply styling products to soaked hair to add a protective layer against lint.

You can do extra treatments with an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, DIY Gelatin protein treatment and Olaplex No.3

Blow-dry your hair the right way
Diffuse your hair by pressing the diffuser up to your scalp per section, hold for 30 seconds - 1 minute, then turn off the dryer and go to the next section and start over. This prevents the hair from blowing around too much and stimulates more curls and fewer frizz.

Protect hair while sleeping
Sleeping with a satin pineapple protector or on a satin pillowcase not only prevents hair breakage during the night, but the fabric does not absorb as much moisture from the hair as regular cotton pillowcases so you will create less fluff.