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In November you could sign up as a tester for our products. We have selected four of all participants who have had the opportunity to test various products for us. You will read all reviews below. Is always supplemented with new reviews.

These are honest reviews, but keep in mind that every product can respond differently to everyone.

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Name: Anouk

Hair Features: Curl Type 2c / 3a, High Porosity, Normal Elasticity

Products tested: The Mane Choice, Pink Lemonade Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse.

(all without protein)


The scent of all products are wonderfully fresh and fortunately not very dominant.

The shampoo feels nice and is also very economical to use!

The conditioner is also very economical to use. The bottle is only difficult to squeeze, making it difficult to come out.

I have already washed the conditioner a few times and then finished the routine with a small pea quench on wet hair and the mousse from The Mane Choice. And then with bouncy curls gel.

The mousse smells a bit stronger and I notice that it makes my hair very stiff. I recommend the conditioner because it is not too heavy but detangled and cared for.


Name: Mascha

Hair Features: Curl Type 2b / 3b, High Porosity, High Elasticity

Tested products:

Pump Haircare Soft Curl Gel,

Aunt Jackie's Grapeseed Ice Curls Glossy Curling Jelly

Curls Cashmere Guinea Pig Hair Masque

(all with protein)


A final wash done due to the dyeing of my hair. Then use the cashmere and caviar masque for 30 minutes and the inlets work.

Must say mask feels very heavy but after rinsing super soft hair.

Then the pump curling gel in it and diffused.

The gel gives a very good cast and is easy to scratch out. See my photo for the result.

So far very happy with it.

I also tested the ice from Aunt Jackies.

Unfortunately I am less enthusiastic about this.

Little to no cast and after 1 hour everything collapses like a pudding.

I think it smells really nice.


Name: Natasha

Hair characteristics: Elasticity low to normal, * Porosity normal to high, Thickness medium to coarse, Density medium, Curl type 2c to 3b

Tested products:

Innersense-i-create-waves without protein

Innersense-i-create-lift-volumizing-foam with protein

Innersense-sweet-spirit-leave-in-conditioner with protein

Only-curls-hydrating-curl-cream-250-ml without protein


On the first day I gave my hair a cowash with my favorite cow from Holland & Barret, the Argan. Then I spread 3 pumps of the Innersense Leave In over my hair. I find the Leave in nice to use, it smells soft and has a creamy full texture and the pump gives only a very small amount so that you won't use it too quickly.

After this I distributed a pump or 5 of the foam over my hair. The foam is very airy, thin and light. And this product also has a soft odor. This pump gives a nice small amount, for me 1 pump was enough for 1 section of my hair.

After these two styling products, I thoroughly finished my hair and diffused it to 95% dry.

I got a solid cast, not hard. I got beautiful, some fine, very defined curls after the SOTC and I am very satisfied!

I have tried various ways of applying and using and I get the best result after using all three products together, first the Leave In, then my whole hair with the wonderfully soft-smelling Spray (a pump of 8) and then the Foam , I now really get my pipe curls from the past back!

The photo of the back of my curls was taken after I did a wet refresh using the Only Curls Cream and then Bouclème Curl Defining Gel, after which I diffused my hair to 95% dry.

The Innersense I create Waves, was not a success, received a fluff from :(