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For many, the switch to the Curly Girl method means using CG friendly products for your curls.

This already makes a world of difference for most. However, sometimes you can fine tune your curly hairstyle with certain techniques. For example, it can also determine how you apply the products. And sometimes you still encounter certain 'problems', such as fluff or too little volume. There are some tips and tricks that might help you with this.

Remember: all curls are different. The techniques listed below can in principle be applied to all hair types, but they are only examples and it does not mean that it also works for your hair. You can only find out by trying it out. Give it your own twist, vary and combine!


The 123 gel method:

Use three gels on top of each other after your leave-in and / or hair cream. This is the order that is used the most.

1. Use a gel without protein and without glycerin. Kinky Curly Custard or Curls Goddess Curls.

2. Use a gel with protein and glycerin. Only Curls Gel or Flora & Curl Defining Gel

3. Use a gel with protein and without glycerin. Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly or TreLuxe Hi-Definition Gel.

Divide it in soaked hair, one behind the other. Plop it for about 15 minutes (put your hair in a shower cap or satin bonnet). Then squeeze out the excess water with a microfibre towel and let it dry as desired, diffuse or in the air. Very curious what the effect is on your hair :)

MousseGelMousse technique

First apply a mousse, then a gel and more mousse. Divide into wet hair, then air dry or diffuse.

Dual application method:

It is actually applying the product twice, during styling and then a second time (with wet hands) immediately after (wet) pop.

The Smasters technique:

The idea of ​​the technique is that you apply your hair product (s) in two parts: the first part if your hair is wet after showering and the second part if your hair has dried to about 50%. Most people first apply a leave in conditioner and / or cream PLUS a little gel and the rest of the gel when the hair is approximately 50% dry. This reduces the 'gel cast'. You can also choose to first only apply the leave in conditioner and / or cream, and only apply the gel when your hair is approximately 50% dry. When you apply your product for the second time, you wet your hands. Scrunch the product carefully into your hair so that you don't loosen any clumps.

Scrunch / Scrunchen

Scrunching is a movement that you make with your hands, when you shovel your hair from bottom to top while gently squeezing your hair. You can use this movement if you put a hair product in your hair.

Praying hands

With this method you do not divide your styling product by raking it through your hair, but by rubbing it with your palms against your hair, from your scalp to the tips.

Squish to Condish

Squish to Condish is a method that you use when applying conditioner in the shower. After (co) washing your hair, you tilt your head. Make sure your hair is really dripping wet. Apply sufficient conditioner so that your hair feels like smooth seaweed. Divide well through your hair. When you start rinsing, you collect the water and the conditioner that runs out of your hair in your hands. This scrunches you back into your hair. Keep doing this until your hair doesn't drip anymore.

Scrunch Out the Crunch (SOTC)

If you use gel and your hair has dried up, you usually have a 'gel cast' ('crunch', hard gel curls). This 'cast' helps your curls to retain their shape and is not bad. If your hair has dried completely (not before) you can remove this 'cast' by screaming it out: Scrunch Out the Crunch. Some use SOTC and no product, others put a little leave in conditioner or oil on their hands and then scream the 'crunch' from their hair. Some SOTCs not with their bare hands, but with a T-shirt or microfiber cloth.


Plopping is drying your hair in a cotton cloth (for example, a T-shirt) or a microfiber cloth. You lower your hair upside down on the cloth and then wrap the cloth around your head. How long you have to pop is different for everyone, that is a matter of trying. Some people pop twice; after applying their leave in conditioner they plop for the first time, then they apply gel and then they plop a second time.


If you want to blow-dry your hair, it's best to use a diffuser. You can diffuse in different ways. For more volume, blow-drying is usually done while you bend your head forward and tilt your hair from left to right. You let your hair rest in the diffuser and then push the diffuser against your scalp. You can of course just stay upright and you can also diffuse your hair while you just let it hang instead of pushing it against your head. Whatever you do; don't put your hair dryer too hot. Only when you have placed your hair in the diffuser do you switch on the diffuser. You no longer move the diffuser. When you've blow-dried that part of your hair, turn off the hair dryer and then remove the diffuser. You only switch the diffuser back on once you have placed the next part of your hair in the diffuser. You can combine diffusing with clipping. See a video below.


With the help of clips (duck bill clips, clips, etc.) you can create more volume on top of your head (at your hair roots / roots). Duck bill clips are usually used. You can also use them to create a looser curl by attaching the clips at the bottom of your hair. You put the clips in your hair after you have used your hair products and your hair is still wet. You can diffuse your hair while you have clips in your hair, or let it air dry. See a video below.