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Since my hair is perfect for Moisture Love products, I started testing it myself.

Have very dry hair that needs a lot of moisture. Curl type 2b-3a, fine hair, medium porous hair, elasticity layer, and dyed curls.

Shampoo and conditioner are with protein, leave-in and styling cream without protein.

The smell is the same for all products, it smells like cake batter.


This is not a thick substance, very fluid, gives reasonable foam and cleans well.


Of this conditioner, a little thicker than the shampoo, you need very little of it. I put it in from 10 cm from my scalp, then combed well to remove tangles and spread the product well, with the result that it became nice and smooth. Leave to soak in and flushed out. The last part with cold water.


I noticed that my curls from many leave-in's are not happy, I still get some sagging curls. But to get a good idea of ​​the products, I did it anyway. Drenched in hair, not much, the size of a euro coin. Well squeezed, crunched.

Styling Cream

After the leave in the Styling Cream is also crunched. Squeeze out excess moisture and product with a microfibre towel and dry with the diffuser. This works best for me, if I let it dry in the air, the curls sag. The styling cream does what it promises, gives hold, makes the curls soft and bouncy. It does not give a cast like a gel.


Very satisfied, and without using a gel, shine and defined curls.

If you have dry curls and can use some extra moisture, you can try these products. They are also available in travelsize packaging, so not immediately a large edition!

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