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Here are some tips to estimate whether the product is light, medium or heavy, this only concerns the styling products.

As a first look at the bottle / jar whether there is something in the description or whether it is already indicated in the product name, eg Lightweight detangler .. and in the description: this light ....

If nothing is mentioned on the bottle / jar, then there is a trick to find out.


Shake the product well, if you hear a lot of noise and it moves easily back and forth in the bottle / jar, you can classify this product as light.

If you can hear and feel some movement, but it is not very easy, you can describe this product as a medium

If very little or nothing happens when shaking, it is a heavy product.

Note: the description on the product always precedes shaking .. A good example is the Untie the Knot Leave-in from Treluxe, if you shake it nothing will happen .. but on the bottle it is clearly stated in the description light-weight.