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How a wrong product pH can ruin your hair.

The wrong pH level can cause a lot of damage to your hair. While on the other hand, a good pH value actually contributes to healthy and shiny hair.

What does pH value mean?

The pH value is used to indicate how acidic or basic something is. This is done in the numbers 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is seen as neutral. Everything underneath is seen as acidic, from slightly acidic to strong acid. And everything above 7 is seen as basic, again varying from slightly basic to strongly basic. Each step is x10. So a pH value of 6 is 10x as acidic as pH-7, and pH 5 is 100x (10 * 10) as acidic as pH-7.

The pH of your hair

Research shows that hair responds best to a pH of about 3.67. So that is quite sour! If the hair has a pH value of 3.67 then it reaches a so-called neutral charge, where there is no positive or negative electrical charge.

The pH of your scalp

The scalp has a similar value to the rest of your skin. It is slightly less acidic than your hair.

It is often thought that our skin has an average pH value of 5.5. But recent research shows that this is not true at all. After the test subjects had not applied any products to their skin for 24 hours, the pH value was found to drop much lower. The average pH value of your skin is therefore 4.7.

pH value and hair products

Your hair products also all have their own pH value. This pH value mixes, as it were, with the pH value of your hair and scalp. The pH value of your hair and your scalp changes as a result and can therefore become more acidic or basic due to a product. It is therefore important to use products with a similar pH value to that of your hair and scalp. Order here the pH test strips.

What happens to your hair if the pH value is too high (> 5)?

The negative energy in your hair increases and the hair cuticles become soft and open.

This leads to:

More tangles
More fluff
Dull hair
More split and broken hair
Porous hair (much more moisture enters)
Weak and very fragile hair
Dehydrated hair
Less elasticity of your hair
More plasticity of your hair (your hair deforms and the hair texture is affected)
Less strong hair
Less bouncy hair

What happens to your hair at the right pH value (3.5 - 5.0)?

There is less or no negative or positive charge and the scaly layer contracts and tightens, making it flatter.

This leads to / maintains:

Shiny hair
Smooth hair
Well-hydrated hair
Low porosity (allows less water)
Strong, bouncy hair
Well protected hair
Less breakage of scales and therefore fewer splits and breaks
Less / No lime build-up in your hair with hard (calcareous) water
What happens to your scalp with a good pH value (<5.5)?
The natural skin flora improves
Better hydrated skin
Protection and control against bacteria, fungi and other nasty unwanted microorganisms
Helps against itching
Helps with scalp conditions, including dandruff
Helps against calcium build-up on your skin with hard water

What you can do yourself

It is highly recommended to use products with the correct pH value on your hair and scalp. But what is often forgotten is that even water (pH of approx. 7) can change the pH value of your skin and hair. And that is exactly what you usually end up with when you shower. So the solution is to end with something else:

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) / Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Mix a little bit of apple cider vinegar (a few drops) with a lot of cold or lukewarm water (200ml) and pour it gently over your scalp and hair after showering.

The proportions are always a bit of a search, but start with very little and then build up slowly if you think it could be a bit stronger. You often notice that it is too strong because your hair becomes greasy faster.

Do not rinse it out afterwards, but let it sit in your hair.

or use a leave-in with the correct pH value.