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Too much Moisture (humidity) Moisture overload

-hair feels dry and flaky

hair is very elastic

-hair only breaks after you have stretched your hair

-It feels soft and weak especially when it is wet

- hair does not retain its curls and style well

What to do?

-use products with protein until your hair is back in balance.

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Your hair is balanced (Balanced)

-you can straighten your hair and will come back in its original form

-Your curls and style stay in place

- clean up to no brittle hair

What to do?

- Continue to combine products with / without protein and moisture.

And keep watching her.

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Too much protein in your hair

- your hair breaks quickly

- feels like straw, is brittle and rough

-you cannot stretch your hair, it breaks immediately, both with wet and dry hair

What to do?

- avoid (temporary) protein in your products

-Add moisture to your products (water-based products) to bring elasticity back into your hair.