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You will probably find the answer to your question that you have been walking around with for a while.
The CG method is and remains a matter of trying, because what works for one does not necessarily have to work well for the other. Because as with all tips "all over the internet": try things out that sound good or logical to you. And if something does not work well ... there is often a reason, and if you can find out why it doesn't work, you can do something with it and you can reduce the number of wrong purchases.

When do you use the Final Wash?

You use this when you start with the CG method. Then not again unless you have not got any CG products in your hair from eg the hairdresser, and if you have dyed your hair, then after a few days you will wash with the final wash, followed by a mask. And if you feel that you have a lot of build-up, the products no longer catch on your curls. You can also use a Clarifying shampoo for this.

I have itching and sensitive scalp now that I have started using the CG Method, what can I do about it?

Your scalp may have to get used to the products. You can look at it temporarily or use products that ensure that your scalp comes to rest. Think of CurlyEllie products.

My hair gets greasy quickly, what can I do about it?

Depending on which products you use, for example, a curl cream may cause this. Stop this and see if it gets better. In addition, it may also be that you use too heavy products or too much product.

Coconut in your products can also cause oily hair. Even if you wash too little with a CG shampoo, it can happen that you get greasy hair. Use a co-wash conditioner instead of a normal conditioner if you are going to wash your hair without shampoo. Otherwise you can use shampoo and conditioner.

My styling products no longer work as well as before.

This may be because your hair characteristics may have changed. Check it out and maybe you should switch to products with or without protein.

This may also be because your hair is contaminated too much. The advice is to wash your hair with a final wash or with a Clarifying shampoo. This really gets everything back out of your hair so you can start with a fresh start.

Can I really not use shampoo?

We understand that you think that when you see the washing schedule. But that is really allowed. A CG shampoo, of course. The washing schedule is when you start to keep it simple. But the CG method is also 1 large test trip, so of course you can clean your hair with shampoo and then follow it with a conditioner. Do not wash your hair too often.

Do I really have to use a Mask every week?

The advice is, it really gives your curls a boost. Of course you can also test this again if you do it, for example, not weekly but twice a week. For low elasticity, we recommend using a mask once a week. This hair is more fragile and porous and really needs this deep nourishment. You can also use a Heat Cap to let the product penetrate deep into your core of your curls, especially suitable for low porous hair.

I have fine / wavy hair and my curls disappear as the day progresses.

Try to leave your leave-in. You often hear that leave-in with fine hair can aggravate curls.

If you use mousse, try to avoid it temporarily. And check whether you use too heavy products or too much product. Diffusing your curls when your hair is still quite wet will also help.

And especially use gel, this ensures hold and more definition of your curls.

Is it better to have all products of the same brand?

No, that's not necessary. Your curls can sometimes respond better to a product from another brand, for example a gel of brand X works better for you than brand Y. Again, testing, testing, testing applies. And we also have 30 ml test jars for the newer brands ... or purchase a travel size product. You don't have to buy whole pots right away.

I have (partially) bleached my hair. Now I don't want yellow hair, do you have anything for that?

Bleached curls can become more yellow due to the influence of daylight. You can use a CG friendly silver conditioner for this, you can shop here.

I can't figure out which products to buy, can you help me?

We are also available for personal advice. You can app, email or contact us by phone. No effort is too much for us. We want you to be happy again with your curls with the right products.

We are naturally happy to give advice about our products. Unfortunately we cannot answer questions about products from other web shops, you will of course understand this.

What is refresh?

Refreshing is that you make your hair wet / or wet between the washes (whether or not with a little leave-in added to the water) when you get out of bed. You do this with a plant sprayer or a spray bottle. Make it so wet or moist that your curls like. Add a small amount of product (gel / mousse or cream) and let it air dry or diffuse.

Of course it is also possible that you get off the bed with a beautiful bunch of curls and this is not necessary. but most curls are not comfortable. Therefore, spray a little damp and add product.

I still have a lot of fluff, what can I do about it?

Have written a piece about it, in which you will find the information how fluff is created and how you can reduce it.

When is the best time to comb my curls to remove all tangles?

This is best done if you have a mask or conditioner in your hair. Use a kind of brush with wide teeth or a wide toothed comb for this. This damages your hair the least.

You can still comb your hair before styling with a Denman Brush to get more curl definition. Make sure you comb away from your scalp so that you don't pull out the curls. More info about the Denman Brush can be found here.

I suddenly have a lot of tangles and my hair feels like straw, what happened?

You may have overloaded a protein. Many and fast tangles, your hair feels like straw, no shine, your hair does not get wet quickly when you take a shower and takes a long time to dry.

You can solve this by washing your hair with a CG shampoo, followed by an Apple vinegar. Add a few tablespoons to a glass of water, spread this over your scalp and hair, rinse. Then treat with a mask, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not use protein in your products for a few weeks. Repeat this once a week.

I want to start with the CG method but I don't have a lot of budget and am afraid that I will buy products that might not work for my curls.

We listen to signals in the market. We already found the 30 ml test jars an invention to be able to test new and less well-known brands. That is how we came up with the idea of ​​putting together starter kits but in 50 ml test jars / tubes. It is such a shame that you are going to spend € 80.00 on all products and then find that some products do nothing for your curls. Also you don't have to think about what to buy now. We have compiled the packages with cheaper and more expensive brands. If something is completely top then you can purchase the normal packaging. If something doesn't work out at all, you can still start looking for an alternative, but there probably won't be 5 at the same time ... This method is a great start to start and you don't have to spend too much money. This will come later :)

You can also choose which package you want, package M, L and XL are available, from basic products to more types of products. Of course you must first determine your hair characteristics before you can make the right choice which package is suitable. To complete the party, we also do a final wash. The washing schedule on our site can be used for the first period.

Do I have to apply curl cream for the gel?

No, if you want soft bounchie curls you can apply the cream after the gel. If you are going for a hard cast, apply the cream for the gel.