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❌ Do not use a mask

Use a mask, deep conditioner once a week, this gives extra curls / moisture to your curls

❌ Comb your hair when it is dry

With this you get a lot of hair loss and it breaks faster!

❌ Do not clean your hair thoroughly every month

With a clarifying shampoo once a month you remove all the dirt and build-up from your hair and ensure that your hair is completely clean again. Products are better absorbed and the curl definition is restored

❌ Use a normal towel to dry your hair

Experience the difference with a microfiber towel or a t-shirt. This prevents fluff and hair breakage.

❌ Not using enough product

This means that you have to cover all hairs with product, divide it into your hair and then comb through thoroughly. Otherwise you have a chance of a combination of defined curls and plucking with less curl and more fluff.

❌Use too much product

You should therefore not use too much product from your scalp. Start applying the product a few centimeters from your scalp and make sure you distribute it well so that not one half has more product than the other half of your hair. If you have fine hair it is not useful to use a lot of product anyway, this can aggravate, resulting in sagging curls.

❌You touch her when it's wet

You create extra fluff if you are picking too much on your hair during drying, in the air or through a diffuser. You don't want this. Do this, however difficult it is, only when it is completely dry.