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First something about myself, my name is Jacquelina and independent entrepreneur for over 25 years. Over the years I have had several companies, taken over, started up and sold. These were companies in various segments. Since I am not a professional idiot, it did not matter to me what kind of company it was, the challenge was to make something out of nothing .. I could not always tell you that went well, but ... that is the risk of entrepreneurship. If I saw a challenge in something and thought that it would be nice to start, then I did that ... so also with CG Producten.nl. I will take you on a journey about the creation of this webshop. I too have curls and show you a few pictures over the years ...

I also have curs,

From dark curls to.....blond curls to...almost no curls anymore...

was the start of my search to prevent me from having no hair on my head in a few years. 

The search for information and products.

During the year that I followed the CG Method I missed something .. you could find information on various Facebook pages, you could find products at X and the other not .. And always check if it was CG.

I missed many uses and ingredients. Some web shops have no information at all with the product. Was it with or without protein, back to the list on Facebook ... pff.

Then came the idea, why not everything in 1 webshop, with ONLY CG friendly products, so that you are not tempted to buy non-CG friendly products. With all the info about the CG method, so you don't have to go from one screen to the other, and also subdivided into protein and protein free products. Nice and easy right?

And CG Products was born.

I am a webshop in a niche market, I thought, because suddenly I saw a few online shops that had the same idea.

So next challenge; How do I distinguish myself from all other shops and who are my customers?

My clients are those who start or have already started using the CG method and who like not having to shop from one store to another, from one FB page to another for information. They go for convenience, service and accessibility for questions. And do not sit in first rank for a dime.

To be able to live from a shop like this one must really distinguish itself and I try to achieve that by entering into partnerships with companies abroad that have a great product, of course CG friendly, but have not yet launched it in the Netherlands . So far we have succeeded quite well and we will continue ......! Remember that it takes a lot of time and money to put a webshop on the market.

What does CG want to be?

-customer friendly

-clear explanation about the CG method

service oriented

-short communication lines

unique brands

variation in products

In short: A complete webshop where you can find (almost) everything for your curls.


-- 01-07-2019 --