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Low Porosity Hair

We can recommend the following product types for low porosity hair. You will be linked to the page, in a new tab, if you click on the product types below.

Gel provides a cast and hold for your curls. If you don't like a hard cast, use a cream or mousse without protein in your styling routine. These products are an advice and may work well for 1 but not for the others. The CG process is very personal and can differ per person. These products help you to start or restart. Feel and see how your curls fare on these products. If you are not satisfied after using 1 or more products, try replacing it with another product with or without protein, or check the tips below, or go to our curling tips page. 


  • Clarify your hair regularly, low porosity hair will experience more build-up 
  • Co-wash can often not work for low porosity hair, test if this also applies to you 
  • Use protein products with small proteins amino acids, hydrolyzed Silk 
  • If you have fine hair, try to diffuse your hair instead of letting it air dry, water can weigh down the hair the longer it stays in it, resulting in sagging curls. 
  • Avoid heavy products that have butters, castor / avocado oil in the first 10 ingredients 
  • If you experience coarse hair after using protein, replace it (temporarily) with a protein-free product 
  • Experience sagging curls, and your hair feeling very soft, try adding a little more protein
  • Use a heat cap if you want a good treatment with a mask, at least 30 minutes. 
  • Rinse your hair with warm water 
  • Try wet plopping to help your products absorb better into your hair. 
  • Aloe vera, flaxseed, xantum gum in your styling products ensure that a film covers your hair so that it stays hydrated. These ingredients can do very well for low porosity hair. 

STARTING THE CD METHOD, washing schedule: 
  • If you start with the CG method, we would like to keep it simple for you. After a while you will read more and more that others do things differently, but we advise you to experiment with that if you are in the process a little longer. 
  • Start with a final wash (Elke Dag shampoo from Jumbo, or Daily Mild Shampoo from Kruidvat). Do not use this again unless you have used the wrong products, or are experiencing build-up, or have dyed your hair. 
  • Follow up with a mask (max. 1x per week) 
  • Leave-in conditioner 
  • Gel, cream or mousse 

Next wash day within a week

  • Co-wash or shampoo with conditioner 
  • Leave-in conditioner 
  • Gel, cream or mousse 

You can refresh your curls between wash days if necessary: 

  • Make your hair slightly moist with a spray bottle and activate your products in your hair again 
  • Wet your hands, put a little gel, cream on your hands and go over your curls with praying hands, scrunch and let it dry 
  • Refresh with a mousse on dry hair refresh with a gel, cream or mousse on damp hair